Northern Healthy Communities Partnership

Northern Health Communities

The Northern Healthy Communities Partnership aims to improve health outcomes across Saskatchewan’s north. We partner with health professionals, care providers, educators, early childhood workers and researchers to establish collective efforts that influence the conditions that enable people to make healthier choices. We cultivate connections and provide specialized tools to help our partners reach the people they serve by working together towards a single, shared goal. 

Our teams work to provide programming and resources across northern Saskatchewan in a number of topic areas.

These teams are: 

Active communities team

The Active Communities Team works closely with northern communities to encourage and integrate physical activity into the daily lives of all people, no matter their age or ability.

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Babies, books and bonding

Language exposure in infants and toddlers has been linked to literacy and academic success. Literacy and early childhood education is linked to employment success and greater incomes...

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Building vibrant youth

Being a teenager can be hard – it’s a period of great change and teens can face many challenges and pressures. The Building Vibrant Youth Action Team works to empower northern Saskatchewan communities to respectfully engage, mentor and build relationships with their youth.

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Healthy eating team

The Healthy Eating Team fosters nutrition by supporting and rewarding healthy food environments, such as those in schools and restaurants. Healthy food environments promote and enable healthy eating habits, which are critical to managing and preventing chronic disease.

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Northern tobacco strategy

Smoking increases the risk for a number of diseases and health issues, including lung cancer. One step to promote healthier communities in Saskatchewan’s north is to provide resources and strategies to help people quit smoking and reduce the number of young people who start.

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