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Building Vibrant Youth

Supporting empowered youth

Building vibrant youth

Being a teenager can be hard – it’s a period of great change and teens can face many challenges and pressures. The Building Vibrant Youth Action Team works to empower northern Saskatchewan communities to respectfully engage, mentor and build relationships with their youth.

Strong relationships will empower youth to overcome challenges and make healthier choices. 


Happy brothers

1. Strengthen and develop the capacity of the NHCP Building Vibrant Youth Team

Happy mother and son

2. To develop resources and materials to support the adoption positive youth development across northern Saskatchewan

Mother bonding with son

3. To promote a common understanding of positive youth development across northern Saskatchewan

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Growing a resilient future

Three boys

Positive youth development is a strengths-based approach to helping youth grow and reach their full potential. This approach recognizes that the healthy development of young people is based on their individual skills and talents and the resources and supports available to them in their home, school and community.

Everyone can contribute to the positive development of the young people around them by acting intentionally to engage youth in opportunities that enhance their interests, skills, abilities as they grow into adulthood.


Getting started is as simple as saying “hi” and taking a genuine interest in a young person you know.


Teenage girls

Strong, positive relationships help build resilient youth who are more likely to stay and do well in school, have positive mental health and display leadership abilities. Fostering these traits will lead to healthier communities and now and in the future.

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