Active Communities TEam

An active life is a healthy life

Active Communities Team

The Active Communities Team works closely with northern communities to encourage and integrate physical activity into the daily lives of all people, no matter their age or ability.

The team plans and implements projects that build capacity to support more physical activity within a community. Working collaborative with all sectors, the team will provide information and tools about integrating physical activity in to a daily routine. They also advocate for physical, social and policy changes that encourage active lifestyles for residents living in northern Saskatchewan.

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Integrating physical activity into the everyday

We believe that northern Saskatchewan can be a place where all environments encourage and support opportunities for physical activity to be integrated into the daily lives of community members of all ages and abilities.

We build capacity within northern communities to foster physical activity by engaging, mobilizing and supporting northern Saskatchewan organizations and leaders.


Active community meetings

1. To grow a strong and purposeful Active Communities Team

Family Sports Fun

2. To influence the social, built, natural and policy environments in northern Saskatchewan to be more supportive of physical activity

Playing basketball

3. To expand the understanding of physical activity and promote active living among northern Saskatchewan residents

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