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Northern Tobacco Strategy

Creating supports for reducing commercial tobacco use

Tobacco Strategy

Smoking increases the risk for a number of diseases and health issues, including lung cancer. One step to promote healthier communities in Saskatchewan’s north is to provide resources and strategies to help people quit smoking and reduce the number of young people who start.

The Northern Tobacco Strategy works to build environments that are resistant to commercial tobacco use while being respectful of the traditional use of tobacco, focussing on two target populations: pre and post-natal mothers and youth.


Prenatal no smoking

To increase tobacco cessation capacity within northern Saskatchewan communities

Throwing a broken cigarette

To build tobacco reduction capacity in northern Saskatchewan communities

No smoking

To reduce the number of habitual commercial tobacco users among northern Saskatchewan youth

nuclear family no smoking

To support the realization of environments which restrict commercial tobacco use

No smoking

To support the work of the Northern Tobacco Strategy

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Helping service providers support their clients

Based on PACT/TAR and other successful tobacco cessation programs, the training program is tailored to a northern Saskatchewan context using local data and knowledge and the experience and input of health care providers from the region. 

To arrange a half-day training event for staff in your organization contact your organization’s Northern Tobacco Strategy representative or the NHCP Coordinator

A 2010 survey conducted by the Northern Tobacco Strategy revealed that many health care providers in northern Saskatchewan ask their clients about commercial tobacco use but do not know how to help a client who says they want to quit. The Brief Intervention for Tobacco Cessation: Helping Pregnant and New Mothers is an interactive training session to help service providers increase their capacity to offer tobacco cessation support to their clients.

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Beyond the Pack

Teenage girls beyond the pack smoking

In an effort to engage youth, we launched the social media campaign, Beyond the Pack

Using Facebook and other social media platforms, Beyond the Pack prompts youth to consider their motivations, preconceptions, and behaviours concerning smoking. In addition to educating youth about the differences between traditional and commercial tobacco and exploring the risks and dangers of smoking, the campaign also features community influencers who discuss why commercial tobacco use isn’t for them.