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Healthy Eating Team

Healthy food cultivates a healthy community

Healthy eating team

The Healthy Eating Team fosters nutrition by supporting and rewarding healthy food environments, such as those in schools and restaurants. Healthy food environments promote and enable healthy eating habits, which are critical to managing and preventing chronic disease.


Baby food making

1. To increase the awareness of and access to nutritious foods by supporting initiatives which reduce economic, geographic, knowledge and social barriers to healthy eating

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2. To advocate for nutrition policies that promote the health of northern Saskatchewan residents

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3. To support Heathy Eating Team development and the continued education of team members

Standardize prenatal education

4. To standardize prenatal education offered in northern Saskatchewan

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School Nutrition Mentoring Project

The School Nutrition Mentoring Project brings an expert nutrition mentor and registered dietitian into participating schools in northern Saskatchewan. These experts work side-by-side with a local school nutrition worker, to improve the quality of the food served to students and advocate for healthy eating habits and healthy food choices.


Healthy snacks

Since launching in 2014, the nutrition mentoring program focuses on breakfast, lunch, snacks or a combination thereof. Site visits include:

  • A practical learning session focused on menu planning
  • Troubleshooting challenges faced in the nutrition program
  • Preparing of and serving new, healthier menu items

Once a year, all those involved are invited to attend an in-person workshop to build a support network, learn from each other, and to continue to advance skills in food preparation and improve school menus.


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