Physical Activity Prompts

Point of decision prompts seek to nudge individuals towards healthier choices in the moments when they are choosing and have been shown to increase the number of times the behaviour suggested on the prompt is chosen. For example, a point of decision prompt placed next to the elevator call button that suggests taking the stairs instead increases the chance that an individual approaching the elevator will chose the active option to get from one floor to another.

Download and post this set of 19 physical activity prompts in your school, workplace and community to encourage simple, every day ways to be more active.

Growing Up... Time for an Open Cup Poster

This poster features the image of a 6 month old infant drinking water from an open cup. Drinking from an open beginning at 6 months helps infants with speech development, achieving a healthy weight and reduced the likelihood of cavities. Learning to drink with water helps infants develop health eating patterns and makes for easy clean up as they learn and spill. Share this poster in clinics, early childhood centres and community spaces where parents and caregivers gather to encourage the use of an open cup.