Building Vibrant Youth Video Series


Become a Mentor


"It wasn't just about volleyball, it was about life too." The story of how one northern Saskatchewan adult made a difference in the life of a young person in his community.


Involvement in sport can have positive impacts on young people that go well beyond physical activity. In this video, northern Saskatchewan community members share how sport helped them build character and give examples of how other adults can get involved in sport programs for youth.

We Are Our Culture

Cultural continuity is an important protective factor for indigenous youth. Listen as adults talk about how tradition, language, and culture influenced them and their hopes for the young people in their communities.

Listen then Lead

Being a champion for youth starts with listening to them. Anyone can be a leader in engaging and supporting young people.

Everyone can help support northern Saskatchewan youth to grow up healthy and happy. Getting started is simple – engage and get to know the young people around you, learn about what’s important to them and help them find opportunities to grow and give back to the community. Intentional efforts by everyone in a community to provide opportunities for youth to enhance their interests, skills and abilities, also known as positive youth development, is a proven way to help our young people grow up strong.